Frequently asked questions


Can I make reservation for a campsite?

We do not take reservations for the campsite. If you want to use our campground, please come, find a place and pay upon arrival.

How much is per person/car/tent?

The camping prices are as follows:
2000 kr per person
500 kr per car/tent/small camper
1500 kr per motorhome (including electricity)

Is the shower included in the price?

Access to the hot shower and indoor kitchen is included in the price of the campsite.

Do you have hot water?

We do have unlimited access to the water. Please be advised that hot water has a specific smell. This is due to the high sulfate content in the water. We recommend that you do not drink hot water directly from the tap.

Where can I charge my phone?

Electric sockets are available in the dining room and kitchen. You can also leave your electric devices for charging in the reception house. It is free of charge.

When should I arrive to your campsite, can I arrive late in the night?

Our campground is not closed during the night. You can even arrive late in the night. If you arrive after reception opening hours, please pay the camping fee in the morning.

When should I leave your campsite in the morning?

We do not have any specific check out time for camping.

Is wifi available all around the campsite?

Free wifi is available in some areas within the campground. The best coverage will be near the pizzeria and guesthouse buildings.

Where can I find electricity stations on your campsite?

picture of map

Can I use my camping card here?

We are not members of the Camping Card program. Here you can check which campsites accept the camping card:

Where can I dump my black/grey water?


Where can I refill my tank with drinkable water?


Is water drinkable here?

Cold tap water is drinkable. We advise against drinking hot tap water due to the high sulfate content.

Do you have playground?

No, we do not have playground. The nearest playground is in Reykjahlid village, next to the school building.

Is it possible to come with a dog?

Dogs are only allowed on a leash. Dog owners are asked to clean up after their pet.

Where can I put my tent, so it is covered from wind?


Can I use the kitchen in the guesthouses?

No. We have a separate kitchen for guests from campsite.

Do you have any discounts for kids/teenagers/disabled?

We do not offer senior or disabled discount. Children up to 14yo can stay for free on our campground.

Do you have a barbecue for guests to use?

No. You can use your own BBQ.

What time of the year do you close?

Our campsite is open all year around.

Do you offer discounts for eldery people ?



Do you provide your guests with toiletries?

Our guests have at their disposal hand soap and disinfectant.

Is there salt/pepper/coffee/tea/oil in the kitchen?

We do not provide any food products in the kitchen.

What are the check-in hours?

The check-in starts from 16:00. We offer the possibility of self-check-in, thanks to which our guests can arrive even after the opening hours of the reception.

What are the check-out hours?

The check-out time is until 11:00 in the morning.

Is it possible to self check-in, while arriving late?

Yes, we offer the possibility of self-check-in, thanks to which our guests can arrive even after the opening hours of the reception. Our guests receive a pin number in the message, which opens the door to their room.

Do you have linen/towels or should I have my own sleeping bag?

Fully made up beds and towels are included in a room rate.

Could you put beds together?

Yes, we can put the beds together on the request.

Is it possible to get a baby cot?

Yes, it is possible to get a baby cot on the request, free of charge.

How can we pay for the booking?

We accept cash payments in both ISK and EUR, or card payments. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

How does the laundry service work? Price, how much they can leave, if we could airdry something, wash in specific temperature, etc.

The area & Activities

Is there a grocery’s store/pharmacy/car workshop?

MAP of Reykjahlid

Could you pick us up from the airport?

It is possible to order a TAXI to the airport in Akureyri or Husavik. For more information, please call at +354 893 4389.

Is there a restaurant serving local food around here?

Yes, we have several restaurants in the Myvatn area serving local food:
Daddi's Pizza - delicious Icelandic pizzas with toppings from the Myvatn area, e.g. smoked trout from the Myvatn lake.
Vogafjós Cowshead Cafe - serving homemade local food such as smoked trout, lamb shanks, beef burgers, mozzarella and salad cheese made from our own milk and our homemade Geysir rye bread which is baked in our underground bakery.
Kaffi Borgir - serving lamb and goat meat, that is produced on their own farm and the beef from neighbors in a local farm in Mývatn area.

Where can I buy an alcohol?

You can only buy alcohol at the Vínbúðin liquor store, located in Reykjahlíð. Vínbúðin is open on weekdays between 16 and 18. In Daddi's Pizza we do sell local beers and wine, only on site.

Do you have something to get rid of the flies? Do they bite? Are they more active in the morning/afternoon/evening?

Where can I come closer to the lake?

Where is the tourist office?

Myvatnsstofa Visitor Centre is located in Skútustaðir. Here is the exact address: Skútustöðum, 660 Mývatn Phone number: +354 591 2000 or +354 464 4460. We highly recommend visiting the visitor center, not only to find out what to see in the area, but also because of a very interesting geological exhibition.

Where can I buy local products in Myvatn?

What are the road conditions?

Do I have to pay for tunnel from Akureyri? How/Where?

Is there any taxi service in the area?

When can I see Northern Lights?

Can I make reservation for Nature Baths here?