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We are open all year round!

Our campground is located right in the middle of Myvatn's attractions, overlooking Mount Hverfjall and Hlíðarfjall.

Our guests have access to an indoor kitchen and dining room, heated all year round.

We have spots for tents, campervans and motorhomes (with an electric hook ups). Guests can empty their black water from the RVs and refill clean, drinking water. 


2.250 kr

Per Person

500 kr

Per Tent/Car/Campervan

1.500 kr

For Motorhome 

1.000 kr

Extra Electricity


Children under the age of 14

Hot Shower Included

Free Wi-Fi

Indoor Kitchen

Electric Hook Ups

We do not take reservations in advance.

Payment for the campground must be made upon arrival.



If you have stayed with us for three nights in a row, the fourth night is free of charge! 

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